6 reasons to leave your Real Estate Investment accounting to us:

1) We specialize in accounting for Real Estate Investors
We have been Real Estate Investors and have helped Real Estate Investors become successful for years.  We know the business, we know your accounting needs, what reports you need, what your financial metrics should be and how to improve your return on investments.

 2) Trusted Accounting Resource
You can trust our team to handle everything from accounting and bookkeeping to payroll and tax. Because we are familiar with your day to day operations, overhead structure, and billing routines, we are uniquely qualified to handle your back office accounting work – freeing you to focus on growing a successful enterprise.

3) Dedicated Advisor
In addition to handling your accounting tasks, but we can provide dedicated business advisory support throughout the year. We'll analyze your numbers and help you make sense of your finances to support informed, business-savy decisions.

4) On-demand Access to Your Data
Our services are supported with the most advanced technologies. This ensures an automated, streamlined work process that helps us deliver exceptional service. Our online platform supports a collaborative workflow and offers you 24/7 access to your data and documents.

5) Budget-friendly Monthly Fee
Our outsource accounting provides complete accounting and advisory services at an affordable fixed fee—so you never have to worry about hours adding up and variance in monthly accounting invoices. Outsourced accounting is also more affordable than a full-time in-house bookkeeper. (e.g., ~50% reduction in cost).

6) Security
Confidentiality of financial information, including employee benefits and wages, ranks high in importance. When accounting is handled in-house. It’s difficult to maintain privacy of information and ensure that proper controls are in place. As a third-party administrator we monitor and manage the accounting function, resolving data privacy and control issues.

Let us handle the numbers so you can get back to what you do best.

Years of dedication to client service combined with our experience working with Real Estate Investors ensures accuracy of financial data and reporting. Even better, you are supported with an on-demand cloud based platform, so you always have access to your data.

Contact us today. We are happy to walk you through our service and show you why its better to leave your accounting to us.